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the White Stone
page 53
This practice is another way that we can begin to feel the ‘presence’ of our
natural awareness. It may be that it does not come about very easily at first. It
depends a bit on our ability, our ‘capacity’ and to some extent how much practice
we have done.
Consider the position of our body, that we are comfortable.
We may be sat up in bed with our back to a wall or lying flat out in the medieval
position of dreaming. (*14)
Consider the time of day: that it is morning, for our minds are refreshed from
sleep. We are awake. The light of day is present in the room but not direct
sunlight. Our eyes are closed. Our direction is towards the window.
Consider the state of our mind: that we are relaxed. As much as we are able be
present with the full depth of our breathing and the Word of God.
We allow all things to become drowsy as if our body was going to sleep but our
awareness may lightly continue in gentle presence. We are released from
intention and we allow what arises naturally.
Just at the point that sleep might begin overtake us... our awareness may gently
come forward.....yes there it is!
It’s form is gentle and radiant light, such as a small sun with encircling motion
and simultaneously the hiss of presence (*15) is our perception of hearing.
We allow this experience to rest within us and generate. It is extraordinary
wellbeing. We continue as long as time allows.


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