the White Stone - Page 54

the White Stone
page 54
NOTE (*14). Medieval position of dreaming. This is kind of made up based on the
stone figures on tombs reposed in English churches. Its still a good and more
conscious way to lie for this practice. (Crossing over the leg is optional).
Head resting on the lions back
gaze towards the invisible sky
spine, hips and legs all in line
right foot crossed over left, hands folded across the chest
relaxed and comfortable
This is the Medieval position of dreaming
as carved in tombs of stone,
the great and good repose.
The night horizon has now closed in
lit by the clear sharp stars of winter.
In the court of arches, the Spirit of Heaven walks concealed.
NOTE (*15). hiss of presence. When the state of awareness arises naturally and
we are present in it we may notice what sounds like very fine ‘hissing’. It is not
something we are hearing in the normal way. It is a sign of the practice.
I have been with this practice of the White Stone for a few years now and it gets
difficult sometimes. There’s no point in trying to pretend otherwise. All the dark stuff
comes up at me and jumps around in front of me. It has power over me because I
really like it. Its seduces me. Its sensuous and sexy. It promises me glory. Its kind of
sticky and delicious. Its got a particular kind of smell to it. Like warm sin. It has the
flavour of temptation. I try to keep going but I get sucked back in. It has a kind of
gravity. I get knocked down. I pick myself up. And then I go through it all again and
again. And again. Sometimes, maybe because of the contrast, the dark stuff drives me
wild. Sometimes it feels that I am just no good at anything and its really disheartening.
Thats when I need to take a break and pick it up again later. Be kind to myself. Start
again when I can feel it. When I’m ready.
We can’t force consciousness. That doesn’t work.


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