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the White Stone
page 58
What follows now is really not easy to understand.
It is one of the the experiences that our meditation practice can lead us into. It is
certainly not something that we can create in our own minds, like an imagining.
It is a direct experience. We absolutely know it when it is before us and in us. It
is the coming together of our smaller sense of ‘who we imagine that we are’
with the actuality of our Self.
Nor does this awakening present itself easily. It can be years or days or
immediate. Or even not at all. It just depends on the individual.
It is the direct experience of our pristine and naked ‘Awareness’. It can be
described as an awakening. It is by nature ‘Non Dual’. This means that there is
no distinction between subject and object.
This experience might be described by a moment of the falling away of illusiary
perception which leaves before us the true state of understanding of what is and
has always been.
This state can be introduced by a Teacher as a ‘direct introduction’ which leaves
us with the ‘cause’ to continue working towards real understanding. By contrast
this experience can not be pursued. If we direct ourselves towards it we could
easily push it further away.
What is this experience?
It is the direct experience of our naked and pristine ‘Awareness’.
This experience can not easily be reversed. It can be astonishing. But also very
beautiful. A moment where the underlying principle of love which runs through
the whole of existence reveals itself in us and all around us. For each and
everyone of us it will be different.


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