the White Stone - Page 59

the White Stone
page 59
We have our ‘aposite’ and familiar small ‘me’, which is the place where we live our
‘normal life’. Then we have our practice. Our ‘meditation’ from which we have
begun to get a growing sense of something ‘other’. A new centre. A kind of
consciousness other than our normal state of being. A living presence. Its not just
something we can create simply by thinking about it. Either its there or its not.
Where do we view this sense of ‘other’ from? Where do we interpret it from? From
the usual place of our own self imagination. The same ‘me’ as normal. We see it as
something in relation to ourselves. We experience it and analyze it in relation to our
usual self. All of this is as natural as can be. This is our duality. Then we have this.
On one side the normal ‘me’ and on the other this ‘other’ which is a new kind of
consciousness. Now feel it out a bit. Let it talk to you, this cryptic question?
Who is watching who?
Now here comes the leap. Get ready!
They are not separate.
Like a child who for so many years has been lost from it’s Mother. Like a Mother
who has lost her child. They recognize each other and they come together. They
remember and are reunited. We can recognize in this moment that Awareness is
common and not dual. The true world of Energy comes alive.
Again, you cant just make this up!
It’s is a big moment. A great Truth. This is what we always were. Complete. It can
feel like some kind of moment of realization. And for sure it is magnificent, a dawn
of deep understanding, absolutely not to be underestimated. But its not
‘Enlightenment’. There is more. How to be ‘present’ in this experience is something
we can develop and also we need to learn how to sustain it. Nor is it our personal
‘attainment’. We didn’t do this. It is a rare and precious understanding.


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