the White Stone - Page 60

the White Stone
page 60
We open your eyes and breathe the name of Jesus.
As we look out at the world that we see before us
the world that we know...
we gently bring our rising breath to a point (apex)
and let it rest there for a short moment
in full presence and recognition of His Name as all things.
Then we let it fall away gently.
It’s not just words. We summon our energy and really do it.
The gentle hiss of presence arises in our hearing,
God’s presence will be and is in every molecule of existence.
We are present and immersed in the immeasurable sea of God.
The room or place where we are is filled with Spirit.
There is nothing that He is not.
Lord Jesus and the Greatness are as One.
He is our Way and by His Grace are we here.


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