the White Stone - Page 63

the White Stone
page 63
Something has to come in from outside
To remain in the natural condition
that wakes us up.
Something that is perfect (immaculate).
Something, a spark of pure light,
a flash of recognition of who we are!
It is beyond our limited construction.
Otherwise we will just walk around in
without construction.
All is as it is
and at ease within itself.
This is the natural intelligence
self arising and self existing
ever present in the moment.
Now we are in the middle we have to work
it all out. All the different things and what
they mean. That’s our own work now. This
writer can’t organize anyone else’s relative
world for them.
The crucifixion, the resurrection, the bible,
the old testament, the destruction of the
planet, human relationships, love, sex,
religion, suffering, death, pain, justice,
poverty, old age, culture, work, money, our
needs and wants, ambition, drugs, etc. etc.
The honey coloured houses
on the other hill,
are lit up by the morning sun.
The small birds chatter.
Why did it take me so long to get here?
I must have been asleep
in a distant land of fragrant and rancid
Who woke me up?
He did. Jesus.
The One to all honour and glory.
Is there any doubt about it?
None at all.


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