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the White Stone
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There is something else that we need understand.
It cant be for us.
All our actions, even with the practice of the White Stone, have been focused on
ourselves. To feel good. To save ourselves in death. To understand. To be
powerful. To be wise and have knowledge. To be interesting. All these and more.
Again we chose our own motivations. Simply, we have used it in the only way that
we could possibly have understood, because that’s what we have done all our lives.
For ourselves. Me.
Now we have the opportunity to go further than our limited view of ourselves.
This is the key that makes all of it possible. A moment of real Wisdom.
The name of Jesus in our practice, in our breathing, has planted a seed of His
compassion within us.
The gift of the White Stone is a seed of compassion. For His Name is the greatest
compassion. It is perfect (immaculate) and beyond corruption. It is His gift to us
of the greatest kindness. Like this we find a way beyond the suffering that we
create for ourselves. It is a seed that can set us free.
And it is absolutely not to increase ourselves. As we say and breathe his Name,
over time, we have absorbed a fraction of Him into our being and this is what can
set us free. It is not our actions of ‘self fulfillment’ that has done this. Also the
practice of compassion for all the World and beings. We cant just make (generate)
this for ourselves. It all needs that kind of intervention. Something that is pure
and clear that comes in from outside and will grow in us. Something that has
power. This is not something we can create just by thinking about it.


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