the White Stone - Page 69

the White Stone
page 69
In part one we set out to discover our true Awareness. Maybe a moment came
when we were lit up by lightening. A flash and everything was illuminated for a
brief moment. Crystal clear. Unforgettable. Or maybe gentle understanding has
come to us from our ‘meditation’ with Jesus Name.
With some perseverance maybe we have found a way to begin to be in the
presence of our Awareness from time to time.
With moments of understanding, Energy is released. Or so it seems. To some
extent its more about relaxing into who we really are. We use a lot of personal
energy keeping our small self up and running and protecting it. But it is also very
much about energy being set free.
This next part of the book of the White Stone is about Energy.
The White Stone is a ‘direct’ path. Direct here means ‘non gradual’. According to
our capacity. We are not necessarily limited by stages. We may realize in one
instant. One moment in the presence of Lord Jesus in true awareness will clear
away so many years of bad behavior and darkness.
This is also a path of Wisdom.
This is really important to get a hold of. We are not collecting merit or good
deeds. We are setting out firmly on a path of understanding. When we do this we
need to take full responsibility for ourselves and who we are and our actions.
There is no recourse to blame. We need to pick it up in a definite and courageous
way. We need to make some commitment and ultimately believe in ourselves and
not necessarily what is written here. Each one of us can and will write our own
stories. Each of us will create our own pathway through the forest.


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