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the White Stone
page 7
On a very personal note I would like to say this. That in my time as a hunter for
simple and streamlined and uncomplicated and relevant meditation practices then this is the kind of thing I have looked for and wanted to find all of my life.
Maybe some others will find it of benefit too.
The White Stone is offered here as something new. In acceptance and recognition
of all past wisdoms, the White Stone is something that is here now and for the
future, for all people, in Jesus Name.
This series of writing develops as a reader goes through. Starting with basics,
things open out to broader understandings. There is logic but the logic is different
for the beginning as to the end. There is different kind of logic in consciousness.
It is less rigid, more free.
Some of what is written here will be challenging to a Christian reader. By which I
mean someone who has a basis in traditional Christian view and doctrine. Maybe
some of it will seem offensive. That is certainly not the intention. Even so I hope
that there may be ideas and material which is of interest and benefit. It is a very
different view to the usual one but it has at its centre a genuine devotion to His
life and teaching, which I believe exists at wider levels than we ever really know.


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