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the White Stone
page 70
the Wrathful practice of Lord Jesus
As we breathe in and out in the presence of the Name ‘Jesus’ we imagine our
White Stone at the centre of our being.
When we have this awake and aware in us then suddenly and in a forceful way
imagine Jesus comes instantly alive in all of our being, in a wrathful and
terrifying form. Jesus as destroyer in Truth. He is surrounded in fierce flames
with massive heat all around Him and He is in the state (dimension) as remover
(liquidator) of falseness. He is pure Truth. How does Lord Jesus the destroyer
of darkness look to us now? What colour is He? His face, his body? How is his
stare? Could we meet our Lords gaze of Truth? The flames are bright red and
orange with black smoke and the wind around is howling. It is a vast circle
around Him and now this imagination (dimension) is as big as the sky.
We keep breathing His Name.
It sends shivers down our spine. We shudder. We do not in any way limit our
imagination. We make it fierce, more intense.
Also its good to feel something. Nervousness. Even fear. But at the same time
we feel alive too. We are becoming free.
This great fire breathes with the Name of Jesus. His wrathful presence purifies
all of us and all that is around us. Our whole world. For now we are as One. We
are He and He is us. We are dissolved. There is no separation.
From our limited point of view we see Him as something truly frightening. He
has the strength and power to make us real. By our invitation. In the fire of His
presence we come closer to His Truth.


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