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the White Stone
page 71
In Buddhist (*16) practice there is this idea of a fierce or ‘wrathful’ manifestation
of a kind and loving being. Peaceful and Wrathful, the same Jesus but seen from
different points of view. The one that is kind and full of forgiveness and on the
other side the Jesus that can challenge what we are terrified to lose, our limited
sense of self, our illusion. We need some of this.
This is not Anger. This is Wrathful. It is not the same thing. Wrathful has its root in
what is pure and absolute.
We are alive with a kind (benign) and fierce pain that brings us into Truth.
We remain in this awareness. Jesus the destroyer. This is our state of awareness. It
is very, very alive. Terror sharpens our senses.
Now imagine a small replica, a exact circle of fire with Jesus at the centre of it, that
breaks off, with the same strength and power that goes directly to a centre of pain
or trouble in our body (or mind). It goes there and it rests there. And it burns up
any illness or infection that we have there in your body. If there is a dark cloud at
some place in our body then we bring this ‘Jesus fire’ directly to it. We focus our
fire vision sharply in that place where it is needed and hold it there. Then we relax
and become present. Then we do it again. Keep on for as long as it feels right.
We keep on breathing His Name.


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