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the White Stone
page 74
NOTES (*17). path of Wisdom. There is a view of Buddhist practices which
divides into three series. This following is a very simplistic explanation. The first
and so called ‘Sutra level’ is a path of merit and accumulation of merit from good
deeds, renunciation and good actions. Including monastic. We receive blessings
and kindness. We give kindness. These so called levels or series are not exclusive
to each other. Good deeds and actions will always help us. By good deeds and
compassion we may find ourselves in time upon a path of Wisdom.
The second series is a way of transformation and Wisdom. We recognize that we
may transform ourselves from our impure state to a pure state of being. We ally
ourselves with the power of an Enlightened Being and the energy of their Name
(and power words / mantras). The principle of this is different to that of Sutra
level practice. In as much as one can define it then the practice of the White
Stone is largely a Wisdom level practice. At least until the later parts of this book.
Understanding the principles of energy and by doing practice we transform what
we imagined ourselves to be into a recognition of what we always were, a pure
state of being without differentiation (of subject and object). When we
understand this condition in an actual and real way we try to establish it and
continue in it.
The third series so called is the ‘secret level’ and it is immediate. From the very
beginning we are and always were perfect in God. There is no transformation that
is necessary. We recognize this and know it to be true. Or we do not. According
to our capacity. If we have established and are able to be continuous within the
real Wisdom of non differentiation (of subject and object) there are practices to
develop this. These are sometimes called secret or advanced practices. They are
hidden but they are not possible to understand unless we understand. They are
secret within themselves.


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