the White Stone - Page 76

the White Stone
page 76
As we stand in our place and in our imagination, before us is an altar. We
place our White Stone on the altar and it is luminous. It is the seal of our
authority. Before us on the table is a chalice of red wine and some bread.
The wine is the best of all the World. The bread perhaps as good as we ever
can remember, fresh baked with goodness and warmth.
Standing before our table now we invite all the spirits of the place and
beyond to come forward and share in this sacrament. Invite also all higher
beings and honoured guests too and the animals and small beings that are
nearby that they may share in our offering. Bring forward also the timid and
weak, those that are in fear, that they may be included. All are invited
without limit.
Lift up the Chalice of wine and the bread and offer it to Heaven and that it
be transformed by mystery and the Word of God into the body and blood
of Jesus Christ. The wine and bread are transformed immediately into a vast
and limitless offering that all may share. It is passed out and shared, the
bread broken. The wine increased. The honoured guests and then to all
others that they may receive both blessing and hope. Continue with this
until all are satisfied. We reserve a small amount for ourselves at the end.


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