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the White Stone
page 77
We do not in any way limit our imagination. If we like we can have some real
bread and wine there.
The wine and bread of the sacrament is transformed by the Word of God to
whatever the receiver desires. For honoured guests, Angels and high Spirits it
may be drops of pure light. For the hungry spirits something more material.
If we feel fear then we hold strongly to our practice of the Name of Jesus at the
centre of our being. We repeat His Name continuously on our breath.
The sense of fear is important. It makes us very awake and present. We let it run
through us and up and down our spine. Remember though that we are in the
Word of God. Nothing can hurt us or touch us. It is our own fear of death.
This practice is one of compassion. It is His compassion, not really ours, but we
are there to be a part of it.
During the practice we may offer our teaching to the lost and lonely spirits.
What is our teaching?
Seriously, what is our teaching?
What is our teaching that we can give that will help to release these spirits that
are lost in darkness? Let us speak it out now to these lost beings. Let us tell them
how to be present in His Name and that it may set them free. Let us be merciful.
If we have nothing else to give then at least we can recite the Lord’s prayer.


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