the White Stone - Page 79

the White Stone
page 79
We are going to leave the explanations for a while and go to something new.
Something a bit more open, more fluid.
So far we have followed a more or less logical and directed pathway for the White
Stone. This is not all that there is or all that we can be. From here, throwing some
caution to the wind, its going to be a slightly different and wider road. We will go
more into the realm of the Spirit.
So here it goes. Relying as ever upon my belief in the gift of inspiration and my own
reckless intention, we aim at the same destination. True Awareness in the name of
God. But this time along a slightly different pathway.
We will consider our own lives and also our understanding of Lord Jesus as ‘dual
aspect’. Mind and Spirit.
We will also be familiar with this. The two Great principles.
Female and Male.
We will also describe Jesus for a while in ‘Dual Aspect’. Like this we can learn about
Him and ourselves as well.
This ‘dual aspect’ relates to the rise and fall of our breathing, to night and day, to
shadow and light and all the wide spectrum of apparent opposites. Our mind and
spirit too. In our arising mind we may call it ‘masculine’. In our completing we call it
‘feminine’. For us this feminine is spirit.


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