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the White Stone
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(*2a). Dzogchen. The Dzogchen teachings, also ‘the Great Perfection’ in the
Tibetan Buddhist and Bon tradition is considered the most direct path for
realization of oneself. The primary emphasis is on developing present awareness
of Self and establishing this as a firm condition. From this firm condition there
are advanced practices towards the state of absolute Reality. In history there are
a number of beings who have become fully realized (‘jalus’ or rainbow body).
The teaching tradition is outstanding. Dzogchen is considered ‘non gradual’ and
sometimes even risky. It does demand a high level of understanding and
intelligence. If this is not there at the start it can be developed. It is considered a
path whereby realization can be attained in a single lifetime (dependent on
secondary causes). Many teachers do ‘Dzogchen teachings’ now. The real thing
is a bit rarer. It is not just a series of fantastic ideas. The Teacher needs to know
or better still be in the state of knowing when giving teachings as well as the
receiver. (‘state specific’).
(*2b). Dzogchen. When I first started to write these books my first principle
was to mix in some of the Buddhist (Dzogchen) practices to make a realistic
meditation pathway in Jesus name. In this second edition this Buddhist aspect
has been set back a lot more and although there is still some of it here it is very
much ‘in its own right’. For myself, I am a student and practitioner of that
lineage (Dzogchen). I am not a teacher. It does however give me a different and
unique way of looking at and understanding a meditation path in Jesus Name.


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