the White Stone - Page 83

the White Stone
page 83
All of life divides into two Great Principles. The Female and the Male. They
wrap around each other in a warm and sensual embrace. One moves in the
direction of the Sun while the other turns in shadow. Day will change to night.
Night will turn to day. They are like lovers.
There are a hundred thousand qualities for each of the two principles. The land
that we know and walk along is the solid ground. It is where we are safe. And
then there is the great ocean. The sea which is deep and profound and full of
mystery. And then there’s this little stone. Our little stone. Resting there in the
sand between the two worlds. And then even greater than that is the vast and
open voidness of the Sky. The Sky is not our dimension, at least for now. We
can not go there. We have enough to deal with by the sea and shore. Even so,
before us we have a perfect vision. The land, the sea and the sky. And our stone
seed of consciousness.
And our Teacher who brings this vision.
Ultimately our skill must be to know both of these principles. They are
interdependent. We know the classic representation of Yin/Yang. Its not just a
symbol. It represents something real. It is said to be the last thing the Confucian
sage sees before leaving the world of illusion. It shows the interplay of all
Masculine and Feminine phenomena.
None of this is rigid definition. These are open descriptions which deserve to
be taken on with a degree of imagination and creativity.


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