the White Stone - Page 84

the White Stone
page 84
On the inbreath we focus. This is literally our inspiration. We bring our
concentration to be present in manifestation. With the outbreath we relax and
allow what is already there (intrinsic) to expand. We create and then we dissolve.
This is what we do. It is our unconscious continuation. Again without looking at
this description in a rigid way we call our creation masculine and our dissolution
feminine. Like this we can understand a little bit how and why this works in our
Our destination? In consciousness we begin to bring together the two principles
of our existence. We are going to complete our opposites (polarities) and heal.
We are not looking trying to understand things by dividing them more. We have
probably done enough of that. Here we are going to turn around and look the
other way. Face about.
For many of us the masculine is seriously overloaded. The world is charged up
with the masculine principle. We desperately need Spirit and to find some
balance. Like this we can start to understand that all of life comes out of the
Great Oneness.
One gives birth to two. And from there all of life is created from the union of
male and female principles. And so it returns to nothing. The gap at the end of
our breath. Emptiness (voidness) will prove to be the root of all things
From the Union of male and female we will begin to taste our Great Desire. To
know ourselves and our Creator.


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