the White Stone - Page 86

the White Stone
page 86
et us bring it back now. The power of Jesus Name. Let us
reclaim it. The Name and the Spirit.
Lets take it back to that very moment when our Lord walked upon this
Earth in the heat of the Sun by the lake of Galilee. There are a few
birds chattering in a nearby tree and some scraggy sheep grazing by the
roadside with bells around their necks. A few people in groups
talking not far away. Bleached houses. Flies and the hum of life. How does
He look this most beautiful man?
This is the time. This is the unique moment. Before He ever began to
teach, before He was baptized. Before He even began to tell about His
Father. His stories. His healing. Before it all. Before his terrible death and
the glory of His resurrection. Let us take one breath with Him right
now. There in that moment. We can share this moment of breath with
Him. Now. If we just listen. And remember how it was before it all
began. Let us be right there with Him. All the world is transfixed.
Electrified. Time slows right down. It is like the birth of a new child.
We breathe in and we claim our Life. New life.


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