the White Stone - Page 87

the White Stone
page 87
It is that very moment before the distortions come along.
We are going to forget all the resentment and testament law, all the buildings, all
the machinations of man. All the political will and the scrabbling over one
another to reach dominant positions. Let it all be raised to the ground. All
scripture extinguished as if they had never been. All priests and high chronicles,
all churches swept away to dust. All robes and posture torn down and left to
fade away.
Everything returns to just this very moment. All deceptions are spent like the
tears of a dove. There is only this. He and I and you and me, right there in our
imagination on that dusty road. And there we stand and listen to the gentle
movement of our breath and know that there is something extraordinary,
something absolute, something of deep deep wisdom for us to understand.
We can hear the Word of God. Given by Him. Lord Jesus, in Spirit and Word,
immaculate and untarnished.
The Truth of Jesus that exists outside the makings of mankind.


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