the White Stone - Page 88

the White Stone
page 88
Maybe we have seen those Buddhist figures, deities in paintings and statues
united in apparent sexual union (Yab Yum). Their principles are arising
potentiality (Male) in consort with (Female) Energy which is active and brings
completion. It is an ecstatic union. This is the display of the Energy of Union. Its
not really about sex. We have learned something about this from our own sexual
experience. How delicious it is. How the energy is. And how it brings new life.
And we know about desire. Our longing for completion. Can we remember how
strong that is? To be in love? Or even to be broken in love? There we really are
out of our depth in the ocean of spirit.
Could we imagine Jesus like this? No. Not really. I don’t think so. Thats probably a
bit too much. And yet it brings a question. Why do dominant religions constantly
discredit the Feminine?
The human and religious world is built more within the minds of men. The
mystery and succulence of the Feminine is discredited. The Spirit has become
rare. And yet we desire her more and more. It is the healing that a desperate world
needs so badly. But not in isolation. These days the balance is disturbed. In our
meditation we need it all. We need the logic of our practice as well as the emotion.
And the inspiration. It is not only attainment and reaching. It is allowing and
loving. The Feminine Spirit brings so much. We need to allow the Spirit in. For
joy, for dusk, for laughter and for fear. Because the Spirit, the Feminine, can also
break us down and release us from our concrete constructions. Sometimes we
really need this in order to grow. Even to the edge of madness where our heart is
close to breaking.


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