the White Stone - Page 89

the White Stone
page 89
Sadly I think its true and it doesn’t take a lot to recognize it. Established religion,
with rare exception, has a great fear of the Feminine principle.
am leaving my meditation cushion in a cold and lonely room.
It has become a tombstone.
My broken bell is lying there too, right next to it.
At last everything has gone quiet.
There are pages lying everywhere…
scattered by the wind.
I walked out into the sunshine.
And then I went to find the sea. Thats where my people are.
I hope they remember me, I’ve been away far too long.
What was all that stuff ?
What was that all about?
I take small steps into a field of wild flowers
where everything is so alive.
I am present in the Word of God.
All that is and may be is here,
as it always was.
As I breathe in with Jesus Name
I know,
that the Spirit is with me now.


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