the White Stone - Page 91

the White Stone
page 91
We are bound in this practice to feel something of this passion. It is a perfect
union but it is charged with the true glory of undiluted love. It does extend
without any question into sensuality. It can be a whole lot more. It can be erotic.
Why not? We understand the joy and passion of sex and ecstasy. We also
understand about desire and longing from our own relationships with each other
on a human scale. This desire can be touched (tangible). It has horn and blood. It
is life and death. It is fear and anger and dismay. It is like an earthquake. The sky
is dark and hailstones are falling. We bow our heads into the raging winds and
press on. We are blasted but we are still alive. It is fierce. Here in the middle of
the turning storm we also learn of our desire for that which is Great. We need to
be in our great Desire.
For goodness sake we need some passion here. Otherwise its just going to get
really boring. Its supposed to light us up. Its meant to be exciting. We are so
conditioned to believe that the road to God is studded with guilt, denial and pain.
Religions in general seem to crave 'purity'’. Purity seems to imply that our so
called ‘base instincts’ are somehow gross. Material and of this Earth. Something
that we need to transcend. Is purity interesting? No, not really.
There is no denial here. In this house nothing is discounted. Sex and passion has
raised the Desire of my heart. With the union of opposites I am left gasping for
breath and air. In pain and suffering I have learnt about need and desire. I have
learnt about longing.
It all corresponds. With the Great Desire. To know and be united with what is.


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