the White Stone - Page 93

the White Stone
page 93
For myself, and I know I am not alone, I have little or no generosity for the
things that went before. Why would I? Its like the difference between life and
suffocation. Actually I don’t think it really matters anymore. What I or anyone
else thinks. Its just time to move on.
In this practice of the White Stone we are going to take it right back. To that
moment on the dusty road before it all began. Then we are going to set out a
new story, one that is untarnished, set free from the one that went before. Both
the good parts and the bad parts. And we will describe this small journey out
into the ocean, a band of crazy travelers inspired by the Word and Spirit of Jesus
and we will have a new outcome. Real and proper Awareness. Wholeness, in dual
aspect and without prejudice. With the basis of real and actual experience. The
turning of our breath in Jesus name. This is the outcome of our union and our
desire. It burns in us all. Let me tell you about it.
We are all born with an inbuilt instinct to return. To return to our home. Born
into voidness, with no sense of who we are, right there from the furthest
borders of life we have to find our own way home. We build a sense of
ourselves based on what is around us. We wander around in circles. We try
things out. But in the back of our hearts and minds the desire to go home will
never go away. Nothing quite satisfies. One day maybe we pick up the scent of
it. Her scent on the wind. From far away. So we begin a sense of traveling. We
get held up for years in pleasant gardens. But nothing lasts. Nothing lasts. We
lose the scent of heaven for a while, we get broken. Then one day perhaps we
find it again. Our desire to go home to our Father Creator becomes more


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