the White Stone - Page 94

the White Stone
page 94
It is in all the desires of human activity. It is the Primal Desire. It can be
distorted. Love, lust, power, fear, pleasure, safety, religion, vanity, ignorance.
When we were babies we had nothing. When we grew up we created a sense of
who we are. We began to be self aware. Then, like birds in migration, we
inevitably get drawn closer to home but now with a sense of individuality.
Maybe we still cant see it. Or refuse to recognize it. But it is an instinct that
grows ever stronger. It will shout at us in our dreams. If we ignore it it will chew
off a leg. Neither can we go back to what we used to be before. If we try then
life will fight us.
At some point, as we come nearer, we get to see a beacon shining on the hill.
The Spirit of God will guide us home. Maybe we heard Her call, soft and gentle
on the breeze, all those years ago. She was always there but we could not see
Her. Now we are not just walking we are being pulled in. It is like the greatest
feeling. It is the sweetest seduction. We are frightened that we will loose
ourselves. Really. It could happen like that. We could be obliterated. Fall into
unconsciousness. Thats why we do what we do. Thats why we practice. We have
to fight to keep our awareness alive and still have enough courage to fall into the
ocean. In Jesus is revealed the brightness of our minds. Our clarity. In the Great
Spirit we are fulfilled in Her love and passion. What an awesome story.


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