the White Stone - Page 95

the White Stone
page 95
I have huge anger for what happened to Lord Jesus. This is my own righteous
raging. What happened to Him in His life and how He was murdered with
unbelievable wickedness. Those terrible people who brought Him to destruction.
It fills me with limitless aggravation.
I have righteous rage at all religions and all institutions that have weak spirituality.
That do not know how or what they are really doing, who make it up, who fool
people with platitudes and false promises, who deny people the right to self
discovery. That deliver illusion. That bleed our life force.
Anyone who knowingly continues to pass off ignorance for personal gain is
wicked. They are deliberately going against the principles of LIFE.
What we have before us with the life of Jesus is greater and more profound than
we can ever know or understand.
I have righteous rage at all the deception that continues. I believe all of us can
wake up. I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to wake up. I believe that in
the place of the heart we can feel these emotions. I believe that the Holy Spirit
leads us into our heart. I believe that with our centre in the place of absolute
Awareness we can experience safely the full expression of the Holy Spirit in
love and emotion. This does not deny immaculate and unfiltered anger.
Immaculate anger is not destructive. It is the dark moon time expression of our
in built love and care for all beings and all of Creation.


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