the White Stone - Page 96

the White Stone
page 96
Jesus came and He walked this Earth in time. He knew how we lost humans
could break away from the suffering of this life. How to save us.
We all suffer. How we suffer. He taught and performed miracles of healing and
raised the dead. He was Himself greater than death. But this is still the biggest
mystery to me. How traditional teaching expects me to believe that He gave His
life by crucifixion so that I and we might be free from sin. I’ve read Romans 5.
Again and again. Its a lawyer’s argument. It does not ring true to me. I believe
that we can do better than this.
I hate (revile) this atonement. There is nothing I could ever do, no desire for
heaven or salvation in me that could ever wish that this beautiful and perfect
Soul would offer His life for me in this way. This whole idea, so much of which
is written into Christian teaching makes me physically sick. It is, for me, utterly
Thousands, millions have died. Wars and destruction based on perverted
doctrines. Even now it is still going on. I still do not understand this and I
have never, ever, found an explanation that works for me. I have looked. I have
listened. Still it makes no sense.


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