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the White Stone
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I believe in the surrender. OK. I believe that I can pray and ask to be released
from the weight of my entanglement. But I do not see in the history of time and
since His passing that we are in any way closer to understanding the nature of
our lives and who God, the Almighty, really is. What is sin? Whatever it is, it
hasn’t gone away. Religion in any form just does not seem able to fulfill any of
this. Its just not enough. Religion is weak.
How does murdering this perfect and immaculate being, destroying His beautiful
body with whips and nails and chains bring me closer to God? He was brought
down by the wickedness and perversion of men. There is no redemption here.
Nothing except the most brutal shame. And I have to recognize, even though I
hate to admit it, that it could just as easily have been me. In my separation
(estrangement) from that which is Holy, by consequence of my ignorance and
fear, it could have been me. I could have done this. I have already done things in
my life that are without honour.
Jesus. His Name. His ever present being. The wonder of our Creation. He is with
us always. As we draw breath and life. Lets have some real teachings. Lets get
some actual and real Awareness. Something we can actually be in, something we
can experience. Let us in awareness reflect back to That Which Is Great, the
beauty and wonder of His Creation and the gift of our lives.
For God’s sake lets move on from the celebration of this perversion.


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