the White Stone - Page 98

the White Stone
page 98
I don’t see any wonder in this darkness.
I really don’t.
I can only see blood and pain and death.
There on the rise, above the city of despair, Jerusalem,
our hearts are breaking.
Where is the Mercy?
For the love of Heaven where is your Mercy now?
How can we dare to destroy this goodness?
All the Spirits from all the directions of space
are curled up in horror and dismay.
With our mouths open we just howl.
But you will never hear a sound.
There is only silence, anguish and the biting wind.
My lungs are twisted, my sinews are raw, my eyes are red and swollen.
There is nothing good here. There is no justice here.
Why can’t we just say it?
Why can’t we just say it?
This is an abomination.
We did this.
How will daylight ever come again?
How could it ever
come again to shine upon the fortunes of mankind?
How could it be?
That this most wonderful gift of life to all mankind,
was nailed to a wooden beam and left there in agony,
until His Spirit passed away.


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