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ZIGBEE Smart Drivers 5 Year Warranty (GSP YE Series)
Follow the standard ZLL protocol, high compatibility with
all ZLL standard devices
Effective distance for accessing the network: 30-50m.
Smart control: Realize the networking smart management
of LED lamps; Freely set different scenarios and switch
over each scenario
Wide AC input voltage range: AC100-277V & flicker free
The one channel (A) version is for brightness dimming, and
the two channels(B) version is for brightness dimming and
color temperature adjustment.
ZigBee Convertor: It converts the ZigBee signal into 0-10V
signal, and then it can make the 0-10V/1-10V LED drivers to
realize the brightness dimming and color temperature adjustment function. It controls the AC power of the LED driver to
lower the stand-by power consumption
5 Year
Structure: IP20, plastic housing
Warranty:5 years.


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