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Smart LED Window
Daylight is the most important light source to human kind. Many studies have shown that daylight has a huge impact on our health,
both psychologically and physiologically. Smart LED Window is the first controlable human centric artificial daylight system that can
reproduce the experience of natural daylight in any building at anytime.
Using dozens of LED lens groups and micro diffuser construction, Smart LED Window focuses and filters the light. This allows the light
to emit and behave as natural sunlight does, leaving a clear and distinguished cast of natural light on the floor, table, chair, feature etc.
Furthermore the whole room is filled with the feeling of bright, natural sunlight.
Smart LED Window is fully controllable to create the perfect human centric experience ofr any given application. The sunlight intensity,
colour temperature & brightness are all controlable via 4 methods.
Circadian Clock
Wall Control Switch
Simply set the time and date
1. Set to auto mode & follow
on the wall control switch &
the circadian clock.
Smart LED Window will
2. Users can manually adjust
automatically follow the
al light outputs including
natural 24 hour day cycle
colour temperature, sunlight
adjusting light levels
intensity & output
accornding to their
APP Control
DALI Control
Control all functions of the
Smart LED Window support
Smart LED Window via
DALI protocol & is
Android or iOS app. Also set
compatible with all main
groups & scenes to manage
brands of DALI control
multiple windows


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