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In House Photometric Test Laboratory
We are striving to provide our customers with the best
LED lighting products available. We are constantly
innovating and improving product as technology
advances allow. We do a lot of research, development
and product prototyping and it became a need rather
than a desire that we invest in our own inhouse
photometric testing laboratory. In summer 2016 after
much research we made this significant investment, and
began to reap the benefits instantly. Many of our
products are at the forefront of lumen efficiencies,
including our new UltraLume HLC high low bays, which
deliver a market leading 145lm/W*.
Having our own photometric laboratory allowed us to
prototype, test, improve, test and test again! Our
customers can expect us to keep innovating, and keep
improving, this large investment will play a big part in this.
What’s also interesting is that of course with our own
laboratory we can test products from other ‘brands’, and
this has proved an interesting exercise as we have found
many of these other brand products do not perform as
well as the manufacturer/distributor claims they should!
If you are interested in talking to us about how our
photometric laboratory could benefit you, or would like to
arrange a visit and demonstration, please do not hesitate
to ask.
Our goniometer is a complete light measurement solution
covering all light sources from small lamps, LED chips, large
panels and street lamps. The 2 axis goniometer enables the
system to measure the full 3D distribution field of any lamp
giving lighting professionals comprehensive
LDT and IES simulation files.
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