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Martindale Electric Puts Thermal Imaging
Within Easy Reach
he new IRC thermal imaging
cameras from Martindale Electric represent a breakthrough
in affordable thermal imaging for
troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical installations. The combination of real time thermal imaging with
spot infrared temperature measurement, packaged in a rugged pistol
design, make it the ideal tool for electricians and maintenance teams
needing fast on-site diagnostics.
The cameras show hot and cold
spots at a glance and accurately
measure spot temperatures of hot
and hard to reach surfaces.
The advanced thermal images,
displayed on the 4.5cm colour display,
combine colour temperature gradients
and component outlines to quickly
troubleshoot problems, be it poor
electrical connections, phase unbalance
or faulty motors and bearings. Both
IRC325 and IRC327 include an infrared
spot thermometer making it easy to
accurately and safely measure the
temperature of hot and hard to reach
surfaces without contact.
For more advanced applications, the
IRC327 has an extended temperature
range to 650o C and allows simple
capture and storage of the image to the
SD card for evaluation and reporting. In
addition, laser targeting and the 5 LED
torch make it easy to get reliable
measurements wherever you are
working. The built-in lens cover of the
IRC327 provides protection for all
The two models can be used for a wide
range of applications from identifying
sources of heat loss to reduce energy
bills, through to checking the correct
functioning of heating and ventilation
systems. The point and shoot designs
are easy to use and enable users to get
up and running without the need to
navigate complicated menus. The
IRC327 allows simple setting of
emissivity and choice of colour palettes
for enhanced diagnostics.
The IRC327 also includes a simple UV
leak detector function which, for
example, can be used to reliably detect
leaks in cooling and air-conditioning
systems when a suitable UV indicator
dye is used.
Featuring a lightweight pistol shape
design for comfort and easy access to
functions, the new range of thermal
imaging cameras from Martindale offer
an ideal and affordable solution for busy
electricians and maintenance teams to
troubleshoot problems quickly and
identify potential maintenance issues
For more information, please contact
Martindale Electric on 01923 441717 or
Reader Reply: 207006


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