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pale lilac called Malva for the Whiterock
Satins walls, and an image of shifting
grey sand.
“I also designed some panels for the
doors in the centre using Altro Whiterock Digiclad, which matched the corridor wallpaper of Lotus, Persea and
Jasmine flower heads on a pale blue
Flooring for the birth centre was key to
creating the homely, non-clinical feel.
Andrew Ledger and the project team
wanted natural, warm, wood-effect
flooring and chose Altro Wood™ for the
three bedrooms and corridors.
Andrew and his team also specified a
way-finding system for the new centre
to help those with partial sight and dementia. The system comprises a border
of Altro WalkwayTM 20 safety flooring in
black fitted around the edge of all the
floors in the bedrooms and corridors.
Andrew says: “This system is very effective and it also helps to limit damage
from trolleys and medical equipment
because it encourages people away
from the walls. We are rolling it out for
all our new builds.
“Wet areas in clinical environments
need to be very safe underfoot, so we
chose Altro Pisces safety flooring for
both the shower rooms and around the
birthing pool. This flooring performs superbly in both wet or dry conditions, and
with bare feet or shoes, so it’s perfect
for keeping both patients and staff safe.
Altro Pisces also looks good enough to
work within our design themes and
there are some great colours.”
Altro Pisces™ performs whether wet or
dry, in shoes or barefoot, and offers 16
soft-look shades. The result is the consistent, soft appearance that you would
want from domestic interiors, with the
lifetime sustained slip resistance you
expect from Altro safety flooring.
The flooring was installed in the Fatima
Allam Birth Centre by Floorcovers UK.
Partner Phil Morris said: “We have installed a great deal of Altro flooring in
the hospital over the years, so we were
delighted that it was specified for this
new birth unit. For quality and reliability
Altro is the best, and they are a pleasure to work with.
“The installation was quite a challenge
because we were working in a very
delicate and sensitive area right next to
the live maternity ward and neonatal
intensive care unit. We had to carry all
our materials through the ward where
babies were being born every day during our four-week working schedule.
“This meant we had to be incredibly
mindful of what was going on around
us, take all dust and rubbish out in
sealed containers, and work as quietly
and professionally as possible to minimise the impact on mothers and babies.
It was a wonderful experience, though,
to hear babies being born every day.”
The Altro wall sheet was fitted by Richardson Claddings. Owner Joe Richardson comments: “The majority of work
we do is in healthcare and we install a
lot of Altro Whiterock, so we are accustomed to working in sensitive clinical
areas, and in this hospital too.
“The beauty of the Altro walls system is
that it is so quiet, easy and clean to
install. Altro sends the sheets to us
ready-cut, which means minimal cutting
or shaping on site.
“So we were able to work very quickly
and quietly around the live ward. All the
on-site trades worked closely with the
hospital and we had a very tight and
closely monitored works programme.
The hospital staff were very helpful and
understood all our challenges.”
The project's main contractor was CTS
Shopfitting Ltd. Account manager Adrian Cartwright said: "This was a very
exciting design-led project, which required a great deal of co-operation from
everyone. The sensitive nature of the
build, plus the proximity of the works to
the wards meant it was essential to
work as quietly, cleanly and quickly as
possible to cause minimal disruption. A
very successful result and a fantastic
Andrew Ledger says: “The new centre
has been a huge success. From a design point of view, it looks fantastic and
completely meets the brief we set out.
The compliments and feedback we
have received from everyone who has
been here have been tremendous.
“We get a lot of medical professionals
visiting from around the world and they
say the centre is the best of its kind they
have seen anywhere, which is a wonderful endorsement and makes us very
proud of what we have achieved.
“Most importantly, the mothers who
have given birth here are thrilled with it
too, and we have received thousands of
positive comments. There really isn’t a
more beautiful or peaceful place to give
birth. For the midwives, it’s a dream
come true; a relaxed and comfortable
atmosphere they love to work in, where
they can control the environment and
provide a very special level of care.
“The Altro floors and walls solution is
key to the overall look, form and function of the birth unit. It looks superb and
very striking. Adele has used the products very effectively to create schemes
and designs that are both subtle and
“From a more practical angle, the Altro
wall sheet provides a tough, hardwearing surface. We are very impressed that
in the shower rooms the walling overlaps the flooring to prevent water ingress, which would prove very
expensive to rectify. After each birth, the
rooms are completely disinfected and
cleaned, and the Altro floors and walls
are proving very easy to maintain.
“We are delighted with this amazing
facility. It’s very much a team effort,
everyone from the clinical team to the
suppliers, designer and installers understood what we wanted to create and
worked together to bring the vision to
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