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the way the installation went and the
RABScreens will certainly protect the
coils and keep them contamination-free.
From this experience, we are very likely
to use RABScreens on another site later
in the year”. The RABScreens are likely
to reduce the maintenance requirements
by the air conditioning company every
quarter and there should also be energy
savings through the more efficient
running of the air conditioning system.
Just 1mm of dirt can reduce efficiency
by 21%.
Manufactured in the USA by Permatron,
the RABScreen BHA air intake screen
is a black engineered mesh, which is
heavy duty and high abrasion resistant.
Incoming debris held in place on the
mesh is easily removed by vacuum,
brush or washing during regular
Protecting the data centre’s equipment
from incoming debris with RABScreen
external screens saves money by
extending the life of disposable filters
and saves as much as 30% of input
energy on chiller coils. This together
with labour saved by reducing cleaning
and chemical use, means that return on
investment can be less than six months.
RABScreen air intake screens are ideal
for air moving equipment fitted in
industry, in food processing factories,
hospitals, hotels and retail, and in
schools, colleges and universities.
The RABScreen air intake screens are
made of a black high abrasion (BHA)
specification comprising a single layer
of 9 x 9, 1000 denier multi polymer
coated polyester mesh. Highly durable,
rot and weather resistant, and UV
protected, the air intake screens are UL
classified for flammability and come with
a ten-year UK warranty covering the
media, grommets, final border and
stitching. The media has ripstop corners
that will not tear. There are numerous
fixing methods to suit different situations
and these include fittings with studs,
bolts, self-tapping screws, magnetic
strip, drop tab fittings, or by using a
wrap-around technique with Permatron
bungee cords.
Further information on RABScreen air
intake screens is available on
or by visiting the company’s website at
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