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Can We Speak About the 'C' Word?
urely it's late enough in the year
to mention Christmas now? But
is Christmas a dreaded
nightmare for FMs? efig members can
make it easy for you and you'll be
excited to welcome it in all its glory
onto your premises.
Well who wouldn't want someone to take
care of the design, the organisation, the
installation and be mindful of H&S
requirements, site risk assessments,
equipment safety checking and waste
management? Perhaps even more
importantly, a company which will break
down Christmas when the festivities are
complete too.
The process
Our experts usually start talking to
clients earlier in the year to talk through
requirements, design ideas and colourways. Past installations show that they
can come up with anything from simple
reception decorations to huge, showstopping displays around the building
and outside lights and trees too.
We are currently showcasing some
award winning installations on our
website which will give you ideas for
what can be achieved from festive
scenes to huge trees; repetitive
decorations to super-scale ones;
traditional to 'out of the ordinary'
contemporary ideas.
Decorated Christmas trees are of
course, a favourite. These come in all
shapes and sizes, artificial and real.
From a fairly standard 7ft to a 42 footer
installed at Fortnum and Mason at St


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