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Powerful Germ Kill With PURELL® Peace of Mind
PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray & Wipes launched to address a specialised need within the food
and hygiene specialist GOJO
Industries-Europe Ltd has
extended its expertise in
surface hygiene with the launch of
the PURELL surface sanitising
portfolio. The PURELL Surface
Sanitising Spray and Wipes are fast
acting, highly effective and
specifically designed to meet
surface sanitising needs within
food contact areas.
They sanitise front and back of house
with no rinse required on food contact
areas, having passed the ISO
4120:2007 food tainting test. The
PURELL surface sanitising products
are suitable for a variety of
applications, such as the sanitising of:
kitchen utensils, food storage
surfaces, refrigerated display cases
and other plastic.
The PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray
and Wipes come ready-to-use with
high antimicrobial efficacy. They have
been tested specifically on Salmonella,
Campylobacter, Listeria and Yeast for
the food environment. The spray and
wipes are bactericidal, fungicidal and
virucidal so can be used with complete
Commercial Vice President, Mike
Sullivan said, “35% of foodborne illness
cases are attributed to poor sanitation
and 16% of these are due to
“The PURELL brand has been trusted
for decades to safely and effectively
eliminate germs on the skin. Now,
backed by years of scientific expertise,
the new PURELL Surface Sanitising
Spray & Wipes can play a major part in
helping to reduce foodborne illness too.”
For more information, call +44 (0)1908
588444, email or
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elocube Delivers Fat Busting Food
Industry Disinfection and Safety
xford, UK: Ozo Innovations
(Ozo) launches the elocube to
enable commercial kitchens
and food processing companies to
generate a powerful disinfectant
onsite. The elocube uses patented
technology to transform food grade
salt and water into a powerful
solution that removes fat and kills the
pathogens associated with food
poisoning. The elocube allows new
cleaning approaches which do not
rely on hot water and caustic
Tests undertaken by a leading UK food
industry organisation show that the
elocube’s solution is a very effective
disinfectant and cleaner which is also
non-tainting to food. The potent, pH
neutral, solution removes fat deposited
on grease traps and cooking utensils at
room temperature.
A series of independent laboratory tests
to determine the disinfection efficacy
showed that the elocube solution killed
99.99% of Listeria, Salmonella and E.
coli and inactivated the winter vomiting
virus (norovirus). The disinfectant is
effective in both clean and dirty test
conditions. With elocube, restaurants
can have confidence in their cleaning
and disinfection processes.
In trials, Ozo’s customers have
demonstrated that its products deliver:
• Simple, robust disinfection and
cleaning throughout the kitchen
and food processing
environment to comply with
stringent food hygiene
• Compelling, food industry
appropriate, disinfection of
hard surfaces in food service
• Effective decontamination of
drains – known to be a
reservoir for Listeria
monocytogenes – in food
processing sites
Removal of grease in busy
restaurants without using caustic
“Achieving the highest standards of
hygiene and food safety is business critical
for our customers. The newly launched
elocube offers a simple, efficient and safe
way to maintain hygienic and clean food
preparation environments every single
day,” said Rowan Gardner, CEO of Ozo
Innovations Ltd.

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