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Union Industries is a Bullet-Proof Choice for
Tyneside Safety Glass
nion Industries is helping to
Glass’s machinery investment
and employees with a new bespoke
high speed Bulldoor
The Gateshead-based business is a
global supplier of advanced toughened,
laminated, bullet resistant and heated
glass. The company, which has 80
years’ experience in the toughened and
laminated glass industries, recently
invested in new equipment and needed
an effective solution to protect its new
digital glass printing machine.
As the conditions inside the warehouse
are often high in temperature, a solution
was required to let air into the factory,
but at the same time reduce the ingress
of dust and increasingly cold weather,
which can have an effect on the process
of the printing. A solution was also
required for health & safety reasons as
too much wind tunnelling into the
building could knock sheets of glass over
causing risk to employees.
Union Industries’ Bulldoor is a Rapid
Roller Door designed for areas where
moderate wind speeds are apparent. As
well as standard features including freeentry into Union’s Lifetime Warranty
scheme, the ability to reduce heat loss
and control hygiene, the door has also
been specially designed to include extra
deep non-standard seals and a bespoke
door blade to include a perforated mesh
panel to allow some, but not excessive air
movement in the factory.
Established in 1937, Tyneside Safety
Glass originally manufactured various
forms of glass required during the Second
World War. The family-owned business
now supplies the automotive, security
and defence sectors in addition to the
rail, motorsport and architectural
Chris Hannant, Managing Director at
Tyneside Safety Glass said, “Our
company has been developing firstclass products for over 80 years and it’s
great that we are in a position to invest
in new machinery to strengthen our
current capabilities and further develop
in the market.
“It’s important that we protect our
investments and employees to the best
of our ability and although there were
other companies out there quoting us a
lower priced door than Union Industries
I decided to place the business with
Union Industries due to the company’s
confidence in its products and
Alan Hirst, Sales Director at Union
Industries added, “We always like to
cater to our customer’s needs and
modifications to our existing products,
which we’re more than happy to do.
“Tyneside Safety Glass wanted a high
quality product to match the investment
they have already made in upgrading the
machinery on site, and we were able to
deliver exactly that.”
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