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Top Wedding Venue Switches to Vero Drinking
Water to Help the WHOLE WORLD
ne of the UK’s top wedding
and events venues, Elmore
Court, in Gloucestershire, has
invested in a Vero Water on-site purified drinking water system as part of
its vision to become a truly sustainable and eco-friendly business.
Elmore Court is a unique and awardwinning country house which has been
in the Guise family for 750 years. Current owner Anselm Guise is passionate
about running the historic venue in a
sustainable way that minimises impact
on the environment.
“We strive to offer a contemporary sustainable experience, and as part of this
we seek out modern solutions that enable us to reduce waste and be self-sufficient wherever we can,” explains
“The Vero Water system is just such a
solution, and it made perfect sense for
us. As a large venue we were buying in
a huge quantity of high-end, branded
bottled water for guests. The glass and
plastic waste this created was insane,
irresponsible really, so I wanted to find
an alternative, one that would slash our
waste, but also offer superb quality
drinking water and make sound economic sense.
“This appeared to be a tall order, but
then I read an article in the Guardian
about WHOLE WORLD Water, a registered UK charity that aims to end the
global water crisis by helping the hospitality and tourism industry to filter, bottle
and sell their own water. Venues like us
contribute 10% of the proceeds to the
WHOLE WORLD Water Fund, and
100% of the monies raised are invested
in clean and safe drinking water
projects throughout the world.
“I loved this idea, it was a perfect fit with
our ethos of sustainability and our desire to challenge the norm and do things
WORLD Water and they told me that
Vero Water, who is their preferred supplier in the UK, had developed the technology to provide us with a drinking
water system that would meet our
“We had a Vero unit on trial for four
weeks and I was very impressed with it
on several counts. Firstly, the unit connects directly to our own mains water,
but purifies it so that it tastes superb. It
has a delicious, crisp flavour, as good
as any well-known brand of bottled wa-
ter, so the quality was absolutely right
for us.
“Secondly, there is zero bottle waste
with the Vero Water system because we
can refill bottles again and again for
tables at events and bedrooms. We can
cater for up to 200 people, plus of
course we have people staying here,
and using the bar. The system can cope
with these large volumes and it’s such a
boon having lovely fresh-tasting water
on tap.
“Lastly, the Vero system makes very
good financial sense to us. By switching
from expensive branded pre-bottled water we are saving around £300 per
month, which is a significant amount.
We provide the water free at our events
and in rooms, but we also sell it to
guests, for example at the bar, and we
can offer it at a much lower price compared with traditional bottled water. We
are giving 10% of this revenue to
Vero Water systems are the perfect
alternative to traditional bottled water,
enabling conference venues, hotels,
bars and restaurants to offer purified,
chilled and great-tasting still and sparkling water on tap, while dramatically
reducing their environmental impact
and costs.
Elmore Court is using the new Vero +4,
which is capable of delivering 1 litre of
water per 20 seconds, making it ideal
for big venues where hundreds of
guests need to be catered for.
Like all Vero Water units, the new Vero
+4 connects directly into the customers’
existing water source, and removes impurities, chemicals and imperfections
via a unique 5-stage filtration process,
delivering a taste far superior to ordinary filtered water.
Ian Baragwanath, Vero Water UK managing director, says: “We are delighted
that Elmore Court has chosen to install
one of our machines and excited to be
working with WHOLE WORLD Water.
We have a shared interest in helping
restaurants and hotels to provide pure,
great-tasting water at a low cost and
without creating a large environmental
Karena Albers, founder of WHOLE
WORLD Water, says: “We chose Vero
Water as preferred supplier because,
like us, they have recognised that the
hospitality industry produces far too
much bottle waste and are dedicated to
finding alternative solutions. After vetting several water purification systems,
Vero UK was by far the finest service
“Their systems are unique in their ability
to deliver water of the highest quality,
giving hotels a sustainable alternative to
bought-in bottled water that is both costeffective and eco-friendly.”
Anselm Guise says: “We have had the
Vero Water unit for a couple of months
now, and we are thrilled with it. It totally
delivers on its promise to be completely
sustainable, high quality, easy to use,
reliable and cost-effective. We have had
some great feedback from guests, not
only about the delicious taste and low
cost, but about the environmental benefits as well.
“Our guests also invest in our dream of
becoming a sustainable venue, so we
tell them as much as we can about how
we are doing this. Vero Water offers
beautiful branded bottles, but we have
chosen to use WHOLE WORLD Water
branded bottles because we felt they
would be more effective at getting the
message across.
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