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Kemper System Facilitates Award Winning Roof
Refurbishment at Gatwick Airport
hen the existing flat roof
above the International
Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal was
failing, Kemper System’s liquid
applied waterproofing was the first
port of call.
Working closely with contractors, Mitie
Tilley Roofing Ltd, to develop a sound
System’s Stratex Warm Roof system
was specified using its solvent-free
Kemperol 2K-PUR liquid waterproofing
as part of a full refurbishment of the
2,500 sq. m roof area.
Severe water ingress into retail and
restaurant units below meant the project
was time critical to prevent any further
issues as well as potential loss of profit
for retailers. Chosen for its odourless,
quick application and versatile qualities,
waterproofing system by Kemper
System meant contractors could adhere
to the strict timescales and operational
restrictions on-site.
Mitie Tilley Roofing Ltd first removed 250
tonnes of the existing roof ballast using
a suction excavator machine. The
substrate was cleaned prior to an
application of Kempershield Type 1
Primer and Kempershield Vapour
Barrier. A combination of 123mm
Kempertherm FR and Kempertherm TR
Tapered PIR Insulation Board was
installed onto the main roof area,
including the guttering. Kempertherm TR
comprises of a rigid PIR insulation
board, a dense closed cell structure with
a hard-top facing providing additional
reinforcement to the top face that also
provides the optimum substrate for the
application of the liquid membrane.
The polyurethane-based Kemperol 2KPUR resin was then applied in a single,
wet-on-wet process. The roof area
presented numerous complexities and
lots of detailing, including five, large
air-handling units, adjacent glazed
facades and 36 separate large plinths
with their own steel work, cable trays
and pipe supports.
Prior to application, contractors also
removed the existing lead skirts, cover
flashings and associated cementitious
insulated upstands on each of the 36
support plinths. The plinths, and more
than 150 rain screen support steel
work, were also primed before application of the fleece reinforced Kemperol
2K-PUR resin.
The versatility of the Kemperol system
and ease of application meant contractors could provide a watertight, seamless membrane that fully incorporated


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