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First Choice for Marquee Cooling and Heating
arlier this summer and for a
third successive year a premier
guesthouse in the South West
of England again turned to Andrews
Chiller Hire to provide a bespoke
cooling systems to achieve superb
comfortable surroundings within
marquees that would accommodate
people attending a series of training
A major provider of professional services
had booked the entire facility at the hotel
for a month-long period and requested
that a complex cooling arrangement be
implemented before guests arrived. To
achieve this Andrews Chillers supplied
a 100kW chiller unit for the site's fixed
marquee and a 200kW chiller for a much
larger structure. Inside each of these
marquees Andrews installed a number
of its 15kW fan coils; these would extract
warm air, convert the heat to water and
recycle back via the chillers chilled water
to the fan coils to supply cooler air into
the marquees for maintaining an ideal
room temperature.
The chillers were sited adjacent to the
central marquee with a minimum amount
of connecting hoses visible around the
edge of the marque, creating a ‘neat
installation’ as requested by the training
company. Another 100kW chiller was
also deployed outside the structure
which housed lighting apparatus and
toilet facilities, again connected up to a
series of 15kW fan coils.
In creating this totally integrated standalone cooling solution Andrews Chiller
Hire also needed to supply generators,
positioning them on the opposite side of
the main access road to reduce the
impact of any noise.
Andrews Chillers Hire has an extensive
fleet of chillers ranging from 30kw to
more than 750kW and operates out of
25 depots strategically positioned
throughout the UK. Experienced staff
provides expert advice, enabling the
company to respond quickly to
emergency call-out as well as supplying
for pre-arrange dates.
One of the company’s regional engineers
attended the grounds of the hotel initially
to ensure the install went smoothly and
met the needs of both the hotel and the
training company. Also, throughout the
length of chiller hire contract regular site
visits continued to ensure all was well.
Having previous experience of the prompt
and professional chiller
hire services provided by
Andrews Chiller Hire, the
company was always the
hotel’s first choice for this
new project. Dedicated
customer support and a
very successful one
month hire project to instil
environment means that
the hotel will be turning to
Andrews Sykes to provide
heating for a similar event
taking place in February.
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HSG UK Completes Nationwide Contract
erby-based HSG UK, a market
leader in washroom water
conservation and services, has
successfully completed a major
contract to improve the washroom
experience for customers at 250 Pizza
Hut restaurants across the UK.
HSG UK, in Pride Park, has carried out
the phased work in line with Pizza Hut’s
washroom refurbishment programme.
The company has installed its innovative
Uretech water management system and
Ureco urinal sleeve in customer
washrooms over the past three years –
finishing recently with the Pizza Hut
restaurant at the White Rose shopping
centre in Leeds.
The Uretech and Ureco equipment is the
market leader in this field by using
patented technology to improve the
washroom environment.
The Ureco stops smells by trapping
urinal odours below the surface and
reduces blockages through the patented
enzyme system which breaks down the
fat, acid and salt in urine.
This enables the Uretech to reduce
urinal flushes from around 96 times to
four times a day - saving money by
reducing water consumption by up to
HSG UK Managing Director Simon Rice
explained: “Our installation and servicing
teams have been working at Pizza Hut
restaurants from Scotland down to the
South West and the contract has now
been successfully completed on time
and to budget.
“It is a well-known fact that customers
often judge the cleanliness of the
kitchens by the state of the washrooms.
“Therefore, as well as the cost savings
in water consumption and cleaning
products, our proven and patented
technology therefore
ensures that customers
get a good first
premises and further
endorses their brand.
This contributes to
satisfaction, loyalty and return spend.”
Pizza Hut Restaurants Energy Manager
Alex Wells continued: “We expect the
system to save us in excess of
£125,000 a year in water bills across
our restaurants.
“HSG have gone the extra mile to
complete this contract and have given
us truly excellent customer service
across the UK.
“The urinal system is working extremely
well in terms of reducing issues with
blockages and odour. In fact, following
the initial phase, a number of area
managers requested it because it has
been so effective in improving the
washroom experience for customers.”
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