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Protect Heating Systems More Than Three
Times Bigger – For Less
entinel Commercial’s boiler
manufacturer endorsed water
treatment chemicals now have
more than triple the power when it
comes to the protection of
commercial heating systems, with
each drum able to dose systems over
three times larger. The new ‘Triple
Power’ formulations of Sentinel X100
Inhibitor, X300 Cleaner (for new
systems), and X400 Cleaner (for older
systems) mean smaller or fewer
drums are required for bigger jobs, a
development which saves significant
costs, waste and storage space, and
makes for easier transportation,
handling and dosing. Furthermore,
the lifetime protection chemicals beat
all other commercial water treatment
chemicals on the market when it
comes to volume of system
treatment, and can be used in
conjunction with all brands of dosing
pots and filters, providing reliability,
flexibility and value for money.
The new Triple Power chemicals are
available in 10 and 20 litre drums, and a
newly introduced 5 litre drum. As an
example of the benefits offered by the
new range, an engineer who would
previously have used a 10 litre drum to
dose a 1,000 litre system can instead
pick up a 5 litre drum to treat a system
up to 1,667 litres – that’s a system which
is 66% larger, treated by a drum half the
size and weight.
As for the larger drums, Chris Shelton,
Sales Director at Sentinel Commercial,
“The 10 and 20 litre drums might be the
same size as before, but with a more
concentrated dosage rate the contents
provide much greater value to the
customer. A Triple Power chemical 10
litre drum treats a system volume of
3,333 litres compared with 1,000 litres,
while a 20 litre drum now doses a 6,666
litre system instead of a 2,000 litre
“It’s a significant enhancement to a line
of already market-leading, commercial
boiler manufacturer endorsed water
treatment products – the latter of which
is a key consideration for warranties and
on-going maintenance. Sentinel X100
Inhibitor, and our X300 and X400
cleaning chemicals have long been
favoured by installers, contractors and
commercial water treatment specialists
dedicated to delivering best practice
system cleaning and protection services;
we’re proud to now offer our customers
an even better range of chemicals that
will make their jobs easier, faster and
more efficient.”
Additional benefits of using Sentinel
Commercial’s Triple Power chemicals
include full technical support and
resources from Sentinel Commercial,
and the option to use SystemCheck, a
service from Sentinel Commercial that
provides prompt and independent
confirmation (and therefore traceability)
of correct system cleaning and inhibitor
When used as part of a best practice
system of ‘clean, protect, maintain’,
Sentinel Commercial’s Triple Power
chemicals can deliver lifetime protection
from harmful corrosion and limescalerelated issues in heating systems.
Briefly, best practice can be described
as the correct use of suitable cleaning
products (X300 or X400) for the
thorough removal of debris in circulating
water, the dosing of sufficient boiler
manufacturer approved inhibitor (X100),
and regular checking of inhibitor levels.
Best practice water treatment is crucial
to long-term system health. In the
absence of best practice, commercial
heating systems are vulnerable to
corrosion and limescale (the latter in
hard water areas), with corrosion being
the number one cause of heating system
breakdown. These harmful phenomena
can also lead to premature repairs and
parts replacements, increased energy
consumption, and poor heat output, to
name but a few problems.
Sentinel Commercial’s Triple Power
chemicals are widely available nationwide through commercial plumbing and
building merchants. For more information
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