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SoloProtect Watch - the Lone Worker Wearable
he International Lone Worker
Safety Leader Expands Its Range
to Benefit More Clients
SoloProtect continues to lead in providing
lone worker safety solutions by
announcing the SoloProtect Watch on
March 6, combining convenience, style,
and true safety management in the form
of a wearable.
The SoloProtect Watch incorporates
market-trusted and discreet lone worker
safety functionality into a user-friendly,
design. With features like Geolocation,
two-way audio communication, and
incapacitation detection, the Watch is an
exciting addition for lone worker safety and
joins the SoloProtect ID and SoloProtect
Go devices in SoloProtect’s ever
increasing catalogue of dedicated and
discreet lone worker devices.
As a wearable, the SoloProtect Watch
addresses a worker’s need for greater
versatility, allowing the user to wear the
device conveniently and securely on their
wrist. For the diverse workforce, the iconbased user interface ensures the device
is easy to navigate with clear and simple
imagery that inform the user of the device
functions. And as an added feature, the
device also uses a pedometer to track
steps and heart rate for those that are
An added benefit of the SoloProtect Watch
is its ease of use, utilising functionality
similar to SoloProtect ID and SoloProtect
Go. The device has ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Amber
Alert’ capabilities, which send out discreet
audio calls to SoloProtect's EN 50518
Alarm Receiving Centre and provide
situational background information, as part
of a user's dynamic risk assessment.
Combined with haptic feedback and a
discreet design, all these features
contribute to the device’s unique
effectiveness for those seeking a wearable.
Craig Swallow, SoloProtect UK Managing
Director, commented:
“We are delighted to announce the addition
of the SoloProtect Watch to our range of
discreet and fit for purpose lone worker
products. We firmly believe wearable
technology has now become part of
everyday life for many users, and
expanding its use into lone worker safety is
the next logical step. The SoloProtect
Watch, backed by our market leading Alarm
Receiving Centre and SoloProtect Insights,
our customer engagement portal, has the
potential to help employers increase
workplace efficiency and mitigate work
related risk to both users and the business
as a whole.”
The SoloProtect Watch will be available
from Q2 2018. See our solutions page
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