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New Products
Safeguard Drybase Epoxy Coating Helps Keep
Chemicals at Bay
companion to the similar Drybase ECS Epoxy
Floor Coating, Drybase ECS Chemical Resistant
Epoxy Floor Coating from Safeguard Europe –
the UK’s leading specialist in damp-proofing and
waterproofing technology – is a highly durable dampproof epoxy coating for floors and walls with enhanced
resistance to chemical attack.
A two-part water-dispersed epoxy resin, it is applied in two
coats using a brush or roller. Once cured, the coating is
hard wearing, damp-proof and is resistant to a large range
of different chemicals. Typical applications for Drybase
ECS Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating would be
bund floors and walls; laboratory floors and walls; specialist
warehouse and storage areas and specialist factory and
production facilities.
Water-based and low odour, Drybase ECS Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating consists of a pigmented base
resin component and a water-dispersed hardener component. Surface finish appearance of the surface finish will
reflect the texture and nature of the substrate and, when
applied, contact surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and
provide a ‘light’ mechanical key.
A black resinous material, Drybase ECS Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating comes in 5kg packs, with one
pack delivering one coat coverage (two coat application is
standard) of up to 30m2.
The Drybase Damp-Proof Coatings range from Safeguard
Europe is designed for use when it is not possible to protect
building materials and interior surfaces from the sources of
dampness, like rain penetration or rising damp. A collection
of damp-proof coverings, coatings and membranes; the
range aims to provide solutions to a wide range of dampness
issues, whether in small residential properties through to
larger industrial facilities.
Safeguard Europe’s range of market-leading, proven dampproofing solutions is supported by the company’s own highly
qualified and experienced staff. The support and know-how
they offer is extended to contractors, specifiers and property
owners and includes technical advice, specification help,
research and even in-house laboratory analysis of plaster
and masonry.
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4 Aces Shows Its Hand with Easy to Use
Online Catalogue
Aces has launched its first online catalogue For further information on 4 Aces and its products, visit
containing the popular packaging specialist’s or call 01992 535774.
widest selection of goods to-date. The catalogue
Reader Reply: 212041
has been well-received by new and existing customers,
who have welcomed the comprehensive guide to what
the supplier is currently offering the vending, water,
hospitality, events and food to go sectors.
Available to download direct to any desktop, and released
as part of the company’s ongoing strategy to strengthen its
marketing activity across all print and digital platforms, the
broad catalogue is easy to navigate and clearly designed
for simple usability.
Including a full selection of the 4 Aces product range, the
catalogue covers hot cups and lids, vending cups, cold cups,
water coolers and cups, bar disposables, food service
products and a full choice of accessories and ancillary items.
4 Aces has pledged to update the online catalogue regularly
as it continues to add to its extensive collection. With
customer service now ranking at its highest level, the
company has guaranteed its status as the UK’s fastest
growing provider of packaging products to the beverage and
foodservice sectors.
Using a stringent process to identify its preferred suppliers,
4 Aces continues to be committed to investing in its
manufacturing partners while adding to its burgeoning


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