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New Products
Safeguard’s Drybase is in the Mix for
Floor and Wall Sealing
art of the Drybase range from Safeguard Europe
– the UK’s leading specialist in damp-proofing
and waterproofing technology – ECS Epoxy Floor
Coating is a highly durable damp-proof epoxy coating
for floors and walls from. Supplied as a two-part
water-dispersed epoxy resin, Drybase ECS Epoxy Floor
Coating is applied in two coats using a brush or roller.
Hard-wearing, stain resistant and able to withstand foot and
light vehicle traffic; typical applications for Drybase ECS
Epoxy Floor Coating would be treating damp and staining
problems in solid concrete floors (eg garage floors); floor
and wall coating for kitchens and other food-processing
spaces; warehouse and storage facilities; and light industrial
factory areas to give resistance to foot and light vehicular
Water-based and low odour, Drybase ECS Epoxy Floor
Coating consists of a pigmented base resin component and
a water-dispersed hardener component. Surface finish
appearance of the surface finish will reflect the texture and
nature of the substrate and, when applied, contact surfaces
must be sound, clean, dry and provide a ‘light’ mechanical
For best results, grit Drybase ECS Epoxy Floor Coating can
be applied as a moisture suppressant coating, where
dampness may be expected. Where Drybase ECS Epoxy
Floor Coating is being used to provide a decorative finish it
is important that it is applied to a dry substrate; and it should
be applied by skilled operatives familiar with the application
of epoxy coatings to a high decorative standard.
Safeguard Europe’s range of market-leading, proven dampproofing solutions is supported by the company’s own highly
qualified and experienced staff. The support and know-how
they offer is extended to contractors, specifiers and property
owners and includes technical advice, specification help,
research and even in-house laboratory analysis of plaster
and masonry.
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Schwank Launches Stylish New Patio Heater for
the Hospitality Sector
chwank, a world market leader in the manufacture
of gas-fired infrared radiant heaters, has launched
lunaSchwank, its newest product range for
heating the outside areas, patios and terraces at all
types of hospitality venue.
Many hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes in the UK and
overseas have already benefited from Schwank’s high
performance, energy efficient gas-fired outdoor heaters.
lunaSchwank is an exciting new development for
management and customers alike, combining the latest
advances in radiant heating technology with elegant cuttingedge design.
Capable of being wall mounted or installed on an overhead
structure, lunaSchwank heaters are not intrusive so, unlike
conventional mushroom patio heaters, do not take up
valuable terrace space. This offers hospitality venues the
opportunity to create more covers and open areas.
Schwank’s new patio heaters, which run on natural gas but
can also operate with propane or butane gas, offer average
energy savings of 62% when compared with conventional
patio heating systems. This means that they contribute both
cost and environmental benefits to locations where they are
Further benefits of lunaSchwank heaters include:
Comfortable heat can be activated by a single
switch and felt almost immediately
Heat is distributed uniformly even across large
terraces without the separated hot spots associated
with mushroom heaters
o 2-stage modulation able to reduce heating
temperature by half, cutting energy consumption
and adding to customer comfort
o Like previous ranges of Schwank patio heaters,
lunaSchwank is ideal for all weathers, incorporating
a highly effective rain protection hood and
Schwank’s unique WindSecure system, which
ensures that the heater’s flame is almost completely
wind resistant; a great asset particularly in coastal
and windy areas
Gas-fired infrared radiant heaters generate radiation
which is transferred into heat once it reaches objects and
people. So the air is not heated directly and heat is felt
almost instantaneously.
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