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CH&CO Introduces a New Group
Structure and Brand Identity
H&CO Group has launched a
simplified group structure that
will operate across the UK
under the name CH&CO and with a
new, strong brand identity that clearly
defines the marketplaces in which it
An extensive review highlighted the
desire to reduce the number of brands
in the group’s portfolio and to simplify the
structure going forward, focusing on its
core strengths of creating simple, smart
and stirring food experiences that are
thoughtfully sourced, prepared and
CH&CO will continue to operate in the
same marketplaces it always has, but its
20+ brands are to be replaced with
defined operating sectors: CH&CO
Workplaces; CH&CO Destinations;
CH&CO Venues; CH&CO Events;
CH&CO Education; and CH&CO Livery.
A small group of endorsed brands will
continue to operate where the unique
nature of their marketplace dictates.
These include Principals by CH&CO and
ABsolutely by CH&CO; both specialist
companies within the State catering
sector. The Brookwood Partnership will
become CH&CO Independent Education
later this year.
From June 2018, all new business will
be bid for under the new branding. It is
planned that following consultation with
clients, existing business will transition
to the new branding by October 2018.
Bill Toner, CEO, CH&CO, said: “This is
a very exciting and positive move for the
group. We’ve been through a period of
major change, driven by both organic
growth and significant merger activity,
which has taken us to a £300 million
partnerships have inevitably created a
group structure that’s more complex with
a large portfolio of brands, with some
areas of cross over. This restructure and
rebrand is an obvious next step. The
CH&CO name is strong and wellrespected in the marketplace and the
company holds a Royal Warrant. The
rebrand also defines who CH&CO now
is, it underpins our integration process,
and cements our position and expertise
foodservice market.
“From talking to clients, consultants,
other industry professionals and our
people, it was clear that our group
structure needed clarification and
simplification to clearly define the
marketplaces in which we operate and
focus our time, energy and core
strengths where it matters most; on our
customers. And, this is what the new
CH&CO structure will achieve.
“Our rebranding plans have been very
well received by everyone we’ve spoken
to and, most importantly, our clients.
Given that we operate as ‘white label’ for
most of our clients, the overwhelming
feedback has been that our change in
brand name is not an issue for them or
their customers. They want to continue
to deal with the same people, maximise
the systems efficiencies the group can
offer, and continue to enjoy the service
quality and innovation we’ve always
delivered, and that will continue to
“We launched the new structure, vision
and identity to our teams during our
nationwide conferences a few weeks
ago, and the feedback has been
incredibly positive. This transition is not
going to happen overnight, but everyone
is looking forward to working within our
new identity that plays to our absolute
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