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health & safety
to our current customer base, but also to
redact, store, and delete in line
engender a wider appeal to a greater
with the strict requirements
number of lone worker applications, or
reflected in our privacy policy,
industry sub-sets that would benefit from
laid out in relation to GDPR and
this solution”.
Data Protection governance.
Streaming video and accompanying
audio directly into SoloProtect's Alarm
Receiving Centres (ARC) during an alarm
gives the SoloProtect ID Pro several The SoloProtect ID Pro announcement
distinct advantages over traditional BWV: is the first global product launch being
made by the company in 2018, and is
expected to be available across all
ID Pro's video recording is not
operating markets by early Q4 2018.
'always on' – thus enabling a SoloProtect delivers solutions to lone
smaller device footprint, but also workers in over ten different countries,
making it more accessible, and and continues to advocate for greater
not cumbersome for a lone empowerment of lone workers, better
worker to integrate into their support mechanisms and review for
daily apparel. At 103g, the ID managers, and greater ROI metrics for
senior management.
Pro is the lightest streaming
In addition, the SoloProtect ID Pro offers
BWV device available.
sight of Bluetooth Beacons and is

Video streams live to a
SoloProtect Alarm Receiving
Centre (ARC) during a Red
Alert. Giving comprehensive
combination with event audio)
provides an operator the full
picture of an event, and better
intelligence in scenarios where
discernible pitch and tone do not
reflect the level of threat or an
unreferenced weapon. This will
materially speed up response to
an incident.

SoloProtect ID Pro is a low-end
privacy impacting BWV product
because of its user-defined
recording deployment, based
primarily on threat within the
lone worker's personal space.

SoloProtect manages resulting
video data for the customer. A
client is not faced with the need
infrastructure in line with storing
large amounts of video or having
to address issues around
SoloProtect supplies a client
with video relating only to their
genuine ‘Red Alert’, and will
enabled with Wifi sniffing to assist the
location of lone workers when indoors,
where establishing a precise location can
be problematic – particularly across a
large site, or in a multi-storey building. An
existing or new network of beacons can
be managed in SoloProtect Insights
and in the event of a ‘Red Alert’, the
SoloProtect ARC can request a
response based on a location taken from
the most recent beacon or network point
Risk Messaging delivered through the ID
Pro can also be deployed by a lone
worker manager using SoloProtect
automatically when triggered by location.
It can be used to keep staff updated on
a situation (a severe weather warning for
example), or something more serious (a
known Police response incident in a
particular area of a city).
The extended functionality within
SoloProtect ID Pro also has close ties
with additional options set to be rolled
out in SoloProtect Insights, the
company’s Customer Engagement
Portal. New features allowing lone
worker managers to create the tailored
Risk Message parameters and manage
a network of Bluetooth Beacons is
coupled alongside additional analytics
information outlining ROI.
Craig Swallow, SoloProtect Managing
Director, “The strategic links between the
ID Pro, and SoloProtect Insights gives
our customers a great platform for growth
– now and in the future. It’s a solid
platform for investment, where a client is
thinking about how a lone worker
solution can give them more over time,
and not just what they sign up to on day
one. This is important when companies
are looking to future-proof any
investment made.”
For more information about The
SoloProtect ID Pro, please visit or Contact 0114
399 6000 or for
more information.
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