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New Products
New Wizard Air Handling Unit from Mitsubishi
Electric balances energy efficiency with improved
indoor air quality
itsubishi Electric has announced the launch of
its new Air Handling Unit (AHU) range, the
Wizard. Designed for the UK market, the new
AHU range is perfect for those looking for a cost
effective ventilation solution that promotes wellbeing
by improving indoor air quality.
With buildings accounting for around half of all UK
greenhouse gas emissions, the Wizard is designed to meet
or exceed European Ecodesign 2018 regulations, with a
heat recovery efficiency of over 73% across the range.
These regulations apply to a variety of energy-consuming
products and calls for a reduction in energy usage to limit
environmental impact. Air quality has become increasingly
important, requiring that buildings install an efficient system
that surpasses the Ecodesign legislation. Standards such
as the WELL Building Standard – a holistic formula that
promotes better health and well-being in workplaces – must
also be kept in mind.
Delivered as a packaged unit, the Wizard is available in
seven sizes with an air volume range of between 0.83 m3/s
to 5.56 m3/s. Each Wizard unit comes with a minimum of
two outdoor units, which enables close temperature control
and minimises cycling.
Understanding that no two buildings or systems are the
same, Mitsubishi Electric has designed the Wizard with an
extensive range of optional extras. This gives the user the
flexibility to purchase a system that can be designed to fit
around the required specifications for any given building or
There is also the option to connect the Wizard to Building
Energy Management Systems (BEMS) via Modbus &
BACnet connections.
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Grate Seal Solves School Shower Smells
rate Seal products are proving a hit with schools,
leisure centres and multi-level buildings after
being introduced to the UK market in December
2017 by Sanitaryware Supplies Company.
Developed in Australia, Grate Seal products have been
used successfully to solve drainage issues in the showers
at a 900+-pupil grammar school in Greater Manchester.
The school was built 10 years ago and although a modern
design, foul odours and waste from the drains were emitted
through the grate in the showers. The smells and problems
persisted in spite of regular cleaning of the sewers by the
school. However the problems have now disappeared
thanks to the inexpensive retrofit of a Grate Seal floor drain
Andy Dukelow, Managing Director of Sanitaryware Supplies
Company explained: “It was a large walk-in shower and the
waste and smell from the drains were coming through the
grate. They tried cleaning the sewers and using disinfectant
to clear the grate, but nothing would work. Within minutes
of installing a Grate Seal fitting, it stopped the problems.
The school has since used another Grate Seal product in a
washing machine room and, yet again, the problems were
immediately brought to a halt.”
The easy to install Grate Seal products eliminate bad smells,
stop insects from passing through the grates and prevent
suds and waste from rising through the top.
The products, stocked only by Sanitaryware Supplies
Company in the UK, are a permanent solution to drainage
problems and are completely maintenance free.
The Grate Seal products come in a number of sizes: 50mm,
100mm/80mm, Stubby 100mm, Bucket Trap and Bucket
Trap Basket, making them a solution for virtually every
internal grate.
Unlike other drainage solutions on the market, they are
made out of a single piece of rubber and can be installed to
both new and existing facilities.
To find out more about the exclusive UK distribution of the
visit or call on 01157 842769.
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