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Grundfos scores in Russia
he World Cup is one of the most
watched sporting tournaments
in the world that attracts an
audience of over 3 billion people
globally. With its roots back in 1930,
this the 21st competition, is the first
time that Russia has hosted the
championship. Incorporating 11 cities
that are spread across 1,800 miles
and 12 football venues - many of
which were purpose built – they
together offer the capacity for 581,118
fans to watch the action first-hand.
Also present and ready to greet the fans
from the 32 countries who made the
finals, are 850 Grundfos units that are
supporting a wide range of pump
application demands. Their role is to
ensure that the venues meet a range of
pumping demands including water
supply, heating and ventilation,
drainage, cooling and to provide fire
protection systems.
This is not the first time that Grundfos
have been selected as a key player at a
major sporting event as we have been
present at all the recent Olympics and learn more about what we can supply
other major spectacles all around the visit
world. You may not be able to see us,
unlike the star players, but we are there,
Reader Reply No: 215003
quietly delivering the support that is
needed to keep the game flowing. To
Economical Paper Cup Recycling…
The Key is in the Nesting
eafield’s Envirocup XL cup bin
is helping make the recycling of
single use, paper coffee cups
an economical proposition.
There can be few people left in the UK
that haven’t heard the clamour to recycle
the 2.5 billion single use coffee cups we
use each year. We also now know that
all single use coffee cups can be
recycled, including the ones with plastic
The real problems are getting users to
dispose of these cups thoughtfully and
finding an economical way to collect and
transport the empty cups to the recycler.
The problem… empty coffee cups are
bulky. A leading recycling company
suggests that only some 100 loose
coffee cups will fit into a standard waste
sack, although others suggest that 60
would be nearer the mark. With 12 of
these sacks fitting into an 1100 litre
external bin, that’s only 1200 cups per
bin lifted… costly and inefficient.
The Leafield Envirocup XL Bin has a
cleverly designed internal fitting that
nests the cups in pretty much the same
way as when they were delivered new,
one inside the next. In this way, 500
cups can fit in the said sack and some
6000 will now fit into the external 1100
litre bin which can be lifted for the same
cost… a five fold increase in efficiency
and a five fold reduction in lifting costs.
Dregs and waste liquid are poured into
a central liquid reservoir before the cups
are inserted through one of six apertures
in the bin lid to become nested. The
Envirocup XL can also be supplied with
attached Enviropods for the segregation
of lids and sleeves, so providing a
complete collection solution.
environmentally, it also has to work
economically and the Envirocup XL is
helping achieve both objectives.
For more information contact 01225
816541, E-mail:,
Reader Reply No: 215002


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