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incorrect application of products, lack
of maintenance, and the occasional
necessitation of lengthy system
downtime, all of which means that even
the best water treatment programs are
repeatedly unsuccessful,” explained
Steve Crick, Co-Founder and Managing
Director of DosaFil.
“With DosaFil, we’ve created a product
that overcomes common water
treatment issues, enabling closed
commercial and industrial heating and
cooling systems to be cleaned,
protected and maintained in a very
easy, convenient, and above all safe
manner, in combination with advanced
chemical treatment technologies.
Where DosaFil-Duo is installed,
systems will be significantly better
protected from the risks of corrosion,
scale and fouling,” he continued.
DosaFil-Duo enables systems to be
operated and maintained in line with the
guidelines detailed in British Standards
BS8552 and BSRIA BG29 and BG50.
Importantly, DosaFil-Duo enables
systems that are fouled with suspended
solids and deposits to be cleaned up
online (with filtration possible to 0.5
microns), which potentially eliminates
the need for costly offline cleaning and
remediation. What’s more, smart
monitoring technology automatically
notifies users of leaks or when filter
communication options for BMS built-in
as standard. Oxygen, which would
otherwise accelerate the rate of
corrosion, is continuously expelled from
recirculating water thanks to the unit’s
automatic air vent and integrated
coalescing device, while a fully
insulated jacket prevents heat loss/gain
from treated systems.
Designed with complete ease-of-use in
mind, DosaFil-Duo benefits from an
easy access quick-release lid that
makes adding water treatment
chemicals or changing filter bags fast
and simple. In fact, the device can be
isolated, opened, and have its filter bag
replaced in under five minutes. For
complete flexibility, users have the
option to use solid or liquid chemicals
from any water treatment brand.
Installation of DosaFil-Duo usually
takes less than a day, not least because
DosaFil-Duo eliminates the need for a
separate by-pass chemical feeder, auto
air vent and filter device.
Manufactured in Britain to exacting
standards, DosaFil-Duo is ultimately a
green technology that will optimise
energy and water consumption,
minimise unplanned maintenance and
system downtime, and extend the life of
boilers and system components. The
device is set to revolutionise a market
that has for too long suffered the
detrimental effects of corrosion,
limescale and fouling in commercial and
industrial heating and cooling systems.
For more information on DosaFil-Duo,
please visit
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